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Discover Bryan E. Miller’s versatile palette of cinematic styles, moods, and genres, ranging from disquieting, minimalist horror to authentic down-home country-western.

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1. Star Spangled Banner 02:15
2. The Raid 01:47
3. What I Do 03:03
4. It Could Happen To You 05:54
5. Darkness Falls 03:28
6. America The Beautiful 04:27
7. Trail of Tears 03:27
8. Passion for Life 03:48
9. COME TO ME 04:57
10. After the Storm 05:32

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See Bryan and his team in their element.

"Bryan has been and will continue to be the go-to-person when I need music for a project or event. Bryan is awesome to work with and I HIGHLY recommend him for any or all of your music needs. You'll be a repeat client once you've had the privilege to work with him!"

Brenda Salmon Producer, Challenger Films /

"Bryan is a true artist, and he has always come through with beautiful scores and mixes. He is a classically trained musician, and it shows in his work. I call him first."

Ralph Linhardt Theophany Films (Saving Levi, Shoot or Be Shot) /

"Bryan is amazing to work with. I feel like I am in expert, capable hands."

Jill S. Brown Producer /

"I highly recommend Bryan E. Miller. He is a true music lover that ‘feels’ the show and creates sounds that best support the mood and message. Bryan works many a late night to help us meet our deadlines, too – without attitude or complaint. Bryan rocks!"

Meloney Hudson Good Energy Enterprises /

"Bryan's film score for the movie, Fissure, is outstanding! Not only is Bryan a great composer.. he's a great guy that works hard and is a man of integrity. Your production will stand out if you have Bryan on your team."

Rand Chesshir Producer (Fissure) /

"Bryan gets it. I've sent many a producer in need of music in his direction. But he doesn't need my recommendation, Bryan's work speaks for itself."

Randy Argue Feature Film Director (Feeding Obesity, Shoot or Be Shot) /

"Academy Award and Emmy winning caliber scores are what Bryan will deliver. He has my highest recommendation."

Evan Money Filmmaker (Words Of Art) /

"Bryan Miller is amazingly talented, versatile, and willing to go that extra mile to make his clients happy."

Erin Rettig 20th Century Fox Film (Life of Pi, Turbo, X-Men:First Class) /

"Bryan has been our go-to guy for music and mixing for many years and always provides outstanding work with a great attitude. It is a pleasure working with him and not only is he a real professional, he is also a terrific person!"

Tom Olsen Raymond Entertainment /

"Bryan’s talent and drive have solidified his reputation as a consummate professional. He has tremendous versatility, impeccable taste, and a servant heart. I would trust him with any project he might be inspired to do."

James O’Keeffe Film Director (HBO First Look) /

"I was so impressed by Bryan’s diverse musical pallete on America…Imagine a World Without Her. The music was stirring and evocative. Having the honor of working with most of the great film composers living today, I have to say, Bryan’s music is comparative to many of these composers."

Peter Rotter LA's Leading Orchestra Contractor (Avatar, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Benjamin Button, Gone Girl) /

"The rolls in Hollywood are filled with fully competent composers. Then there are artists like Bryan E. Miller who rise above the norm to display their art and genius as a character in the film. His music stirs the soul, brings life and majesty to the visual moment. His star has begun its ascension."

Gerald R. Molen Academy Award Winning Producer /

"Music is an essential ingredient in all of my films. Bryan's score has catapulted my film, enhancing and complimenting performances, editing and the cinematography. Rarely can a composer surprise you while staying true to the film's vision. Bryan does both."

Nathan Frankowski Film Director /

"Our movie needed 1920's jazz, live orchestra, and traditional Native American instrumentation -- Bryan nailed it perfectly and made our movie the best possible!"

Paul Sirmons Producer for TE ATA /

"Tech values are polished across the board, with composer Bryan E. Miller earning special credit for his genuinely stirring opening theme."

Joe Leydon Variety /

"As a director, it is an incredible experience to see good scenes become real pieces of art through the addition of music...I think with America a profound challenge was put forward to composer Bryan Miller, and thankfully he not only met the challenge, he exceeded what I thought was possible."

John Sullivan Director (2016, America) /

"Bryan has created a lot of epic and ambitious scores, many times under the gun and with little time. But he always produces beautiful results. He's that unique combination of a true musician who is also technically precise and stays focused on the client's needs."

Cory Edwards Writer / Director ("Hoodwinked") /

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    If you want to work with a passionate artist to create a dynamic score to your film, reach out today. Bryan’s music can be heard on feature films, documentaries, commercials and hit television shows. Clients include Walt Disney , 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, A&E, CBS, ABC, and NBCUniversal.